60,000 Bars and Restaurants in the United States have already discovered the benefits of the Touch Tunes digital music network.  My name is Benjamin J Hamblen and I am the CEO of Jukebox etc.  We are an East Texas based, Vending and Amusement company, servicing the bar and restaurant industry.  Partnering with venues such as yours we have seen great success with the Touch Tunes Digital Jukebox as our anchor product.  Some of the many benefits of becoming a Touch Tunes digital Jukebox location are as follows. Stop paying ASCAP & BMI, Earn monthly revenue from paid plays, No equipment to buy, No contract, No monthly fees, No installation cost, No cost background music service available (similar to XM / Pandora) ,Access over 3 million songs, Maintain 100% control of the music content for your venue. 

Our company  is also known for all things coin operated. 

We not only provide our customers with the latest in digital jukeboxes but also with the latest in pool tables. arcade games, boxers, change machines, instant merchandisers, games, ATM services etc.

Our company also offers sales and service of equipment directly to and for our customers.